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(Apr 24, 2007)

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Geotrax are a wonderful toy line from the Fisher-Price company. Adults get just as much enjoyment out of these toys as their children do, and often times even more! My wife started our Geotrax obsession by finding them online. She then asked me if I thought our son would enjoy these, and the rest is history. Despite needing several batteries at the ready, once I saw how solidly the tracks are built, I knew my wallet was in trouble. The Geotrax system has brought much enjoyment to our whole family.

This site is designed with everyone in mind, from beginners to seasoned builders. There's something for everyone! Visit the discussion forum for ideas on track layouts, hot bargains on Geotrax items, and some tips and suggestions to make your Geotrax experience more exciting. There is also a checklist page that you can view the many different items available. Some filter options have been added so that you can pull back only the parts you're interested in. is a totally free site for you to use and none of the registration information you may provide will be used by anyone. If you do find this site useful, please consider making a secure donation. Or, alternatively, click an ad and support our advertisers. Shopping through the Store is another no cost way of supporting this site.