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Version: 1.3
(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for Oceanside Flier
Item: Oceanside Flier
Item Number: G5546
System: Air and Sea
MSRP: $15.00
Batteries: 6AAA
Type: Train
Instruction Sheet: n/a
Description: An exciting new addition to the GeoTrax Rail & Road System, the Elevation Series lets kids take their imaginations to all new heights. The Elevation Scenic RC Train allows your child to add to their train "world" by bringing an additional remote controller, RC Engine, 2 passenger cars, 1 piece of straight track and 2 on/off ramps to their main GeoTrax Rail & Road System train set. The passenger cars in this set have clear roofs, allowing the "passengers" to get a good look at the countryside as they take a ride. This SKU can be brought to the main Tracktown Railway set for added sounds and excitement in the depot. Using it with the other GeoTrax RC SKUs allows the child to control multiple vehicles at once, and it can be used with any other items in the GeoTrax System to create an even bigger world.

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