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(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for Construction Pack
Item: Construction Pack
Item Number: G8837
System: Combo
MSRP: $20.00
Batteries: 6AAA
Type: Set
Instruction Sheet: G8837
Description: Your child can enjoy building on his GeoTrax Rail & Road System with this interactive construction site. It brings the excitement of building, mining, and construction activity to the fun of the main train set. There's a mining cave, a boulder drop, and a dynamite blaster with detachable pieces for realistic play. A grasping crane lifts and drops boulders and the mining car magically loads and unloads! Load 'em up, 'cause there's work to be done every day at the Mt. Blast Construction Co.! Combo pack consists of: B3007-Mt. Blast Construction, B5294-Mix 'n Go Work Crew, and C6858-Big Digs Crew

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