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(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for Workin' Roundhouse
Item: Workin' Roundhouse
Item Number: H4834
System: Rail
MSRP: $20.00
Batteries: None
Type: Building
Instruction Sheet: H4834
Description: Now kids can bring their Engines to the new Workin' Roundhouse to get washed up, fixed up, and get stored for the night! They can drive their RC Engine to the Roundhouse, flip the switch, and watch GeoMotion take action. As the Roundhouse begins to spin, kids can choose which bay they would like to go through. Bay #1: You can wash your train car. Bay #2: drive through or put the train to "sleep" for the night. Bay #3: Fuel up & fix up! Includes roundhouse with turntable, three track pieces, train wash bay and fuel & fix-up bay. Train car is not included.

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