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(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for Red Wing Jet Plane
Item: Red Wing Jet Plane
Item Number: J0225
System: Air and Sea
MSRP: $5.00
Batteries: None
Type: Vehicle
Instruction Sheet: n/a
Description: A great new refresh to the Deluxe Vehicle Assortment in the GeoTrax Rail & Road System, a world of transportation fueled by imagination. Play alone, or even better, bring this new Jet to the Coastal Winds Airport for real flying action! Just attach the Jet to the rotating arm of the Airport, and lift the vehicle into the air and watch as it flies around, just like the real thing! In addition, you can turn the dial on the Airport for real Jet Plane sounds as it flies around. Set comes with a softgoods hangar to "park" the Jet in, and a cargo crate.

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