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Version: 1.3
(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for Gas and Go Station
Item: Gas and Go Station
Item Number: J0778
System: Rail
MSRP: $10.00
Batteries: None
Type: Building
Instruction Sheet: n/a
Description: Get ready for lots of fuel-up and fix-up fun! Kids can bring their RC Engine to the Gas & Go Station, flip the switch and watch GeoMotion take action. The sign will rotate, the gas gauges will move and the pump will "ding" as the vehicle "fills up" its tank. (Child may also activate features by turning the crank by hand.) Includes gas station with working bell, rotating sign & gas gauges, movable gas hose and garage fix-up area. Any GeoTrax vehicle will fit in the garage of the Gas 'n Go Station.

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