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Product Card for Rocky Falls Tunnel
Item: Rocky Falls Tunnel
Item Number: J2527
System: Rail
MSRP: $20.00
Batteries: 3AA
Type: Building
Instruction Sheet: J2527
Description: Now kids can add a flexible tunnel to their GeoTrax Railway, along with a working water wheel! Add an RC train to Rocky Falls Tunnel, and through the magic of GeoMotion, the water wheel turns and sound effects (nature sounds, train sounds and water sounds) happen! (You can also activate the water wheel by hand.) The tunnel is made of expandable fabric, so you can set it up different ways. It can cover 6" straight track, 6" curved track and 9" curved track.Includes mountain tunnel with working water wheel, two expandable fabric tunnels (expand up to 28") and two railroad crossing gates (RC train sold separately).

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