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(Apr 24, 2007)

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Product Card for GeoAir High Flying Airport
Item: GeoAir High Flying Airport
Item Number: N0142
System: Air and Sea
MSRP: $50.00
Batteries: ???
Type: Building
Instruction Sheet: N0142
Description: The GeoAir High Flying Airport brings an all new way to expand the GeoTrax world by taking to the skies. With so many ways to play, the set includes a main tower with a kid-activated elevator, three bays for the plane to fuel up, fix up and board passengers, a security gate and drop off platform, and the most elite team in all of geoown eagle 1 the RC jet plane and his pilot Captain Wright. The pilot figure can sit and ride inside the plane. All new geoair RC planes like eagle 1 simply clip onto the flexible geoair track and fly around the entire set. They loops swoop and daredevil dive. Activate the plane and SFX using the easy kid-controls on the new RC controller. Flexible GeoAir track easily connects together and attaches to the tower and runway to form a figure 8. Expand your GeoAir set in two ways, connect the geoair track to another geoair site and travel by air or connect the geotrax ground track to the entire geotrax rail and road world. Kids' imaginations can reach for the skies as they create an even bigger geotrax world!

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